Motor mount systems for electric vehicles

Stricter emissions regulations, increasingly scarce resources and rising energy costs have shifted hybrid drives as well as fully electric drives into the focus of automotive manufacturers. With our lightweight design solutions, we are among the first suppliers of motor mounting systems for the electric vehicle market and are thus ensuring optimum ride comfort and longer range.


  • Optimized ride comfort: Lightweight subframe as well as integrated chassis and motor mount reduce vibrations and noise
  • Plastic components reduce the weight and therefore energy consumption, thus increasing the range
  • Complete solution from a single source – the system supplier

Technical data

  • Dynamic stiffness is guaranteed up to high frequencies of 3000 Hz
  • Optimum combination of material and design achieves very good durability and ozone compatibility
  • Specially developed elastomer compounds reduce structure-borne noise

Particular challenges

Compared with diesel or gasoline engines, electric motors pose other challenges when it comes to mounting. With this motor type, it is primarily excitation in the high-frequency range that occurs. For an optimum motor mount, we have created new concepts and developed special elastomer compounds. With our weight-reduced system solution for mounting electric motors, we are further reducing energy consumption in electric vehicles and thereby increasing their range.

Innovative solutions

At the heart of this are motor and chassis mounts that are specially designed for the requirements of electric motors. These are integrated in particularly lightweight structural components made from aluminum or fiber-reinforced high-performance polyamides. Each sub-component is designed and produced in an optimum material. All components are perfectly tailored to one another. In this way, they reduce disruptive noises and vibrations to a minimum and eliminate the vibrations that the driver can feel. As a system provider, we supply automotive manufacturers with a complete solution from a one-stop shop in this area, too.