Axle air springs for light trucks

Air spring systems for light commercial vehicles

ContiTech Air Springs improve not only the driver’s workspace for all light commercial vehicles, be it a van, a transporter, a minibus, an ambulance or a recreational vehicle – our air spring systems will greatly minimize and prevent fatigue and stress through maintaining optimal comfort levels for the driver, the transported goods, the passengers and the equipment.

Technical specifications

  • Range from 1 to 12 kN
  • Up to 200 mm spring travel
  • Various different cylindrical and conical air spring types

Benefits & features

  • Air springs for axle applications for  vehicles from 3.5t  up to 8t
  • The low natural frequency and hysteresis translates into greatly improved riding comfort
  • Air springs provide height control for special vehicles, such as ambulances and transportation for andicapped people, etc.
  • By altering the air pressure the air springs are responsible to position the vehicle chassis always statically in a horizontal position