Robustness and functionality

Dedicated solutions for heavy duty distribution transport on both construction site and road

Decades of expertise in the research and development of advanced axle air spring systems have enabled ContiTech to establish a position as one of the leading specialists in the global industrial vehicle market.
ContiTech knows and understands the specific requirements of construction vehicle manufacturers and works in close cooperation with them to develop individually customised solutions that boast a maximum level of quality, functionality, reliability and cost efficiency.

Maximum design focus on cost efficiency and robustness

  • Crimped bead plate with corrugations for maximum tensile loading capacity
  • Air bag vulcanized onto a clamping plate for optimum tightness and tearing strength
  • Robust fiber-reinforced polyamide piston without air volume and with buffer support
  • Injection molded buffer made from rubber modified polyamide
  • Cost efficient air spring for maximum spring range (400 mm) and wheel travel (220 mm)

Benefits & features

ContiTech air springs provide substantial performance benefits:

  • Stable road holding and high ride comfort
  • Careful transportation of the cargo and easier loading procedures in the case of semitrailer tractors and rigid vehicles
  • Robustness for higher load configurations
  • Small demand for installation space
  • Fuel economy and payload increase via lightweight design