Lines for air conditioning units

Lines for air conditioning units

We use an innovative overall concept to improve the efficiency of air-condition-ing systems. The refrigerant is cooled via an integrated heat exchanger using a system based on the counterflow principle. This enables us to use smaller compressors and in turn delivers considerable energy savings.

Our air conditioning lines offer narrow bending radii, highly effective barrier layers, and perfect coordination of hoses, pipes, and fittings. This ensures that our overall systems provide extremely low permeation of volatile substances and are suitable for all refrigerants.

Technical specifications

  • Hot gas, liquid, and suction lines
  • Integrated heat exchanger to increase performance
  • Fittings & tubes in aluminum and steel
  • Hoses available by meter or as molded hose
  • Comprehensive connection concepts available

Benefits & features

  • Hoses with very low permeation
  • Leakproof connections for high system safety
  • Suitable for all refrigerants
  • Narrow bending radii for complex installation spaces

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    Product components

    • Internal heat exchanger
      Internal heat exchanger

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    • Connection technology
      Connection technology

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