CONTI® Protect

Permanent 24/7 Monitoring

The CONTI® Protect series detects and prevents costly conveyor belt damage.
  • Permanently installed systems
  • Continuous belt monitoring
  • Minimization of belt damages

    Product range

    • CONTI® CordProtect & MultiProtect
      CONTI® CordProtect & MultiProtect

      CONTI® CordProtect and CONTI® MultiProtect are magnetic systems monitoring conveyor belts for rips, cord damages and changes in the splice structure.

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    • CONTI® RipProtect
      CONTI® RipProtect

      CONTI® RipProtect is a permanent radio frequency system that detects and minimizes longitudinal conveyor belt rips by monitoring embedded inductive sensor loops.

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    • CONTI® SpliceProtect
      CONTI® SpliceProtect

      CONTI® SpliceProtect is a stationary system that monitors the elongation of high tension steel cord conveyor belts to avoid splice failure.

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    • CONTI® TotalProtect
      CONTI® TotalProtect

      CONTI® TotalProtect monitors and detects everything from incremental damage to the belt surface covers up to severe damage due to pending splice failure.

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