CONTI® Inspect

Periodic Scanning Service

  • Mobile systems for site service
  • Periodic belt inspections
  • Detection of damages and wear

    Product range

    • CONTI® CordInspect
      CONTI® CordInspect

      The CONTI® CordInspect Service team magnetizes and scans steel cord conveyor belts with the CONTI® CordInspect.

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    • CONTI® WearInspect
      CONTI® WearInspect

      The CONTI® WearInspect Service team scans textile and/or steel cord reinforced belts using a mobile point laser-based system.

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    • CONTI® SurfaceInspect
      CONTI® SurfaceInspect

      The CONTI® SurfaceInspect service evaluates the cover condition for cut and gouge or large impact damage events.

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