Adhesives & Solutions

  • Cleaning Solution
    Cleaning Solution

    Solvent for cleaning rubber and metal surfaces.

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  • Hot Splicing Solutions
    Hot Splicing Solutions

    Hot Splicing Solutions

  • Material Safety Data Sheets
    Material Safety Data Sheets

    Download section for material safety data sheets (MSDS) for Continental adhesives and solutions .

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  • One-component Adhesive
    One-component Adhesive

    Conti Secur® PREMIUM revolutionizes cold bonding on conveyor belts with its exceptionally simple application and proven adhesion strength.

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  • Primer

    The bonding agent enhances the adhesion/cohesion strength between the rubber lagging to be applied and the metal surface.

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  • Two-component Adhesives
    Two-component Adhesives

    Continental two-component adhesives have proven their worth in modern conveyor technology. Cold adhesive technology allows for cost-effective repair work in many areas.

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  • Distributor Locator
    Distributor Locator

    Find a distributor near you.

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