Torque rods/Torque strut

Torque rods/Torque strut

The torque strut reliably withstands engine torques while providing very good sound absorption and secure mounting of the engine in the vehicle. It has to bear high loads and sometime must also work as a visible part.

For lightweight vehicles, a high-performance integrated component is made of a high-strength polyamide and a functionally optimized NR+ natural rubber mixture. It reliably withstands engine torques up to 650 Nm.

Vorteile & Eigenschaften

  • Gewichtsersparnis von 35 Prozent gegenüber Aluminiumkomponenten
  • Positionierung des Motor/Getriebe-Aggregats
  • Begrenzung von Bewegungen der Baugruppe
  • Isolation des Körperschalls
  • Dämpfung von Erschütterungen
  • Fixierung des Motors bei Kollision

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