Propshaft bearings

Propshaft bearings

Propshaft bearings

Rear-wheel-drive vehicles transmit torque to the rear axle via a propeller or cardan shaft. Built-up shafts are supported by intermediate propeller shaft bearings, which are also referred to as shaft bearings or center bearings.

Intermediate propeller shaft bearings stabilize and guide the propeller shaft in static as well as dynamic operating states. They limit the tumble motion of built-up shafts and reduce the transmission of vibration to the vehicle body.

Benefits & features

  • Reduction of maximum propeller shaft movement
  • Compact design with integrated ball bearing
  • High durability combined with good isolation
  • Construction kit offers solutions for different loads and package situations
  • Lightweight design concepts as well as devices with hydraulic damping 


  • Natural rubber from dandelion roots
    Natural rubber from dandelion roots

    Natural rubber from dandelion roots reduces engine vibrations

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