Cab mounts

  • Resilient cab mounts reduce the transmission of vibration from the chassis to the cab and thus also reduce exposure to vibration and noise for the driver.
  • What is more, modern cab mounts also offer significantly improved suspension properties. This translates into considerably enhanced comfort for the driver.
  • Hydraulically damped elastomer mounts allow for the additional damping of incitation forces. This also contributes to enhanced comfort.

Technical specifications

  • Rubber-metal bearings, e.g. flange elements or conical mounts
  • Optional hydromounts or hydro bushings
  • Customized solutions
  • Developing customized solutions for new elements

Benefits & competences

  • Hydraulically damped elastomer mounts allow for significantly improved damping of incitation forces. This also translates into enhanced comfort
  • Customization of standard elements to customer requirements
  • Further development of premium mounting elements for industrial vehicles
  • Customized development of new elements
  • Holistic coordination of the chassis, engine and cab mount

Standard range

Elastomer mounts

Spring function and supporting function

  • Conical mounts
  • HL bushing
  • Series B mount

Cab mounts


Frequency and amplitude-dependent damping

  • V series hydromount
  • K 2000 series hydromount
  • K 3500/K 3500 LT series hydromount
  • L series hydromount

Cab mounts

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