• Engine mounts

    engine mount and actuator, electronic control unit (ECU), acceleration sensor

  • Modular system - Component design

    Modular system - Component design

  • Hydro mount

    Hydro mount

  • Engine mounts

  • Engine mounts

  • Engine mounts

Engine mounts

Engine mounts significantly help to reduce powertrain-induced vibration and thus considerably enhance riding comfort in commercial vehicles. They effectively balance out shocks and thus succeed in reducing vibration. Even under challenging conditions, they provide a smooth ride in heavy commercial and duty vehicles.

Our hydro mounts can be used when ride comfort is a special requirement. Excitation generated by the road surface can be compensated by hydro mounts in a particularly effective manner. Engine mounts with frequency-selective damping are used in vans and light commercial vehicles, for instance, to prevent engine shake.

Technical specifications

  • Travel stops integrated within the housing
  • Linear characteristic, resulting in a good isolation effect
  • Compact and light-weight design –
  • high-strength
  • Integral “Fail-safe” function


  • Natural rubber from dandelion roots
    Natural rubber from dandelion roots

    Natural rubber from dandelion roots reduces engine vibrations

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