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Drive belts for the automotive aftermarket

ContiTech Power Transmission Group's leading position in the automotive OEM business gives it the requisite platform for the international replacement business. In line with the motto "Our Drive – Your Success", ContiTech maintains a complete range of power transmission products for cars, trucks and buses. ContiTech offers belts for almost all makes and models.


Drive belts for automotive applications
  • Timing belts
  • Multi V-belts
  • Multi V-belts elast
  • V-belts

Drive belt kits
  • Timing belt kit
  • Timing belt kit + water pump
  • Multi V-belt kit
  • Multi V-belt elast + tool
  • Multi V-belt + torsional vibration damper


  • Overrunning alternator pulleys
  • Torsional vibration dampers (TSD)
  • Measuring and fitting tools
  • Workshop equipment

Products and equipment

  • Belts

    By choosing ContiTech power transmission elements you are opting for the quality also preferred as original equipment by leading vehicle manufacturers.

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  • Kits

    ContiTech offers kits in various configurations for almost all vehicles. All the components are perfectly matched to each other.

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  • Overrunning alternator pulleys
    Overrunning alternator pulleys

    The overrunning alternator pulley is a further development of the fixed belt pulley on the alternator.

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  • Torsional vibration dampers (TSD)
    Torsional vibration dampers (TSD)

    TVDs damp the vibration in the crankshaft, thereby ensuring smooth running of the belt and the belt drive components.

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  • Measuring and fitting tools
    Measuring and fitting tools

    Our professional-quality special tools and measuring instruments will assist you in maintaining and fitting drive components.

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  • Workshop equipment
    Workshop equipment

    Our high-quality products for your showroom and workshop will ensure that you are extremely well equipped.

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  • Product videos
    Product videos

    The drive components in the engine compartment require particular care. Our special tools and measuring instruments assist professionals in their day-to-day work.

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  • Training sessions
    Training sessions

    Our training sessions deliver expertise on all aspects of automotive belt drive components.

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  • Technical infos and news
    Technical infos and news

    Tips and important information for the workshop professional. We always keep you abreast of technical matters.

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