Heating & cooling hose lines

  • Line system for heating & cooling circuits

    Line system for heating & cooling circuits

  • Line system for heating & cooling circuits

    Line system for heating & cooling circuits

  • Oil cooling line

    Engine oil cooling line

  • Corrugated plastic line

    Corrugated plastic line

  • Silicone hose for temperatures up to 230°C

    Silicone hose for temperatures up to 230°C

Lines for heating and cooling circuits

Heating/cooling systems offers individual customer solutions worldwide. Our products guarantee functional reliability even in very tight installation situations with outstanding pressure- and temperature-resistance. For cooling engine oil, we offer elbows with high-temperature-resistant oil hoses.

Technical specifications

Water cooling

  • Nominal diameter of 5 to 100 mm
  • Temperature range -40° to +200°C
  • Operating pressure of up to 5 bar (approx. 44 psi)
  • Electrochemically resistance of EPDM compounds
  • Applications in elastomer / plastic / metal

Oil cooling (in the engine)

  • Nominal diameter of 3 to 100 mm
  • Lines with high-temperature-resistant oil hoses up to 15 bar
  • Silicone hoses for temperatures up to +230°C; sold by the meter or as molded hoses
  • Plastic tubes made of Teflon corrugated tubing, polyester or fiberglass braid and stainless-steel outer braiding temperature-resistant up to +230°C
  • "Customized" coupling and fitting system solutions for fast and reliable installation

Benefits & features

  • Customized material and geometry
  • Flexibility ensured by geometry and optional integration of defined corrugations
  • Quick couplings made of plastic and metal for fast installation and simple easy servicing
  • Systems integration of sensors, vents, brackets, heat protection and abrasion protection

Extruded smooth and corrugated plastic lines

Reduced weight, less emissions, lower costs

  • Best fitting & minimum of components with design based  flexibility
  • Reduction of process and handling steps
  • Multiple material combinations

advantages of plastics engineering


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