Hose lines for fuel cell applications

  • Fuell cell applications

    Fuell cell applications

  • Fuel hose lines for gaseous hydrogen

    Fuel hose lines for gaseous hydrogen

  • Cooling water line

    Cooling water line


In the case of fuel cell vehicles, electrical energy is generated from the energy carriers hydrogen or methanol by a fuel cell and is converted directly into movement with the electric drive or temporarily stored in a traction battery.
For fuel cell drives, ContiTech offers lines for thermal management, fuel supply and air intake. Due to the special application conditions, the pipes must be hardly inflammable and must not have a high electrical surface resistance. Particularly important is the media resistance in high-purity cooling water to ensure the functional capacity of the fuel cells.


Our hose line competence for fuell cell applications

  • Air suction: Low & high pressure lines
  • Fuel supply: Lines for gaseous hydrogen
  • Thermal management: Cooling water hose lines


    Product range

    • Cooling water lines
      Cooling water lines

      A special material has been developed to meet the particular demands of cooling circuits for fuel cell applications.

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    • Charged air lines
      Charged air lines

      Charged air lines for fuel cell vehicles

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    • Hydrogen fuel lines
      Hydrogen fuel lines

      Hydrogen gas lines that are both flexible and absolutely leakproof.

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