Fleximat conveyor belts

Fleximat conveyor belts


CONTIFLEX® Fleximat IW/TW/SW belt types are beneficial for systems with a large center distance that are exposed to heavy strain due to sharp-edged materials. They are special belts with  steel cord fabric instead of textile plies. Depending on the application they can be produced with general, heat resistant or oil resistant cover.

Product range

  • Abrasion resistant conveyor belts
    Abrasion resistant conveyor belts

  • Oil resistant conveyor belts
    Oil resistant conveyor belts

    Textile conveyor belts with oil- and grease-resistant covers for recycling operations, wood processing, foodstuffs, fertilizer, waste, oil sand and more

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  • Flame retardent conveyor belts
    Flame retardent conveyor belts

    ContiTech has developed fabric and steel cord conveyor belts which meet the much higher requirements of EN 12882 and EN 14973.

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  • Heat resistant conveyor belts
    Heat resistant conveyor belts

    Heat-resistant cover compounds and modular system featuring heat control isolation layer for temperature-resistant conveyor belts

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  • Low friction conveyor belts
    Low friction conveyor belts

    CONTIFLEX® SLIDE conveyor belts are used when materials are removed on the carrying side in a sliding motion, e.g. over a steel, plastic, or wooden bed.

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