Diaphragms are sealing separating and elastic walls between media. Our quality diaphragms are used in above 500 Mio. vehicles since 25 years.

Features & benefits

  • High flexibility / minor hysteresis
  • Constant effective area
  • Short reaction time at pressure change
  • Permeation resistant
  • Reliable in aggressive environment
  • Long lifespan
  • No friction loss at start or in operation
  • No need for maintenance or lubrication


Diaphragms in automotive industry

Diaphragm materials, flat diaphragms & form diaphragms are used in fuel driving systems (Gasoline injection systems and accelerate pumps).

  • Regulate the fuel input
  • Dampen vibration and pressure stroke
  • Seal
  • Separate and stimulate liquid and gaseous media

Further operation fields

  • Electric window lifter
  • Central locking
  • Air conditioner
  • Waste gas recirculation
  • Truck brakes
  • Under pressure power steering pumps

General Classification

  Flat Diaphragm Bead Diaphragm Plate Diaphragm Roll Diaphragm
Stroke range low middle middle – high high – very high
Working stroke at work diameter of 50 mm ± 2.25 mm ± 4.75 mm ± 6 mm ± 15mm
Preferred function regulate, pump regulate control, pump control
Pressure contact double sides single side double sides single side

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