Concertina walls

Concertina walls

For years now, ContiTech has been known as a competent producer of materials for this type of concertina wall. Optimized materials and high-grade workmanship make the ContiTech folding bellow a high-quality solution from one source.

Other Applications

In addtition to concertina walls for articulated buses ContiTech is offering hard-wearing and weather-resistant folding bellow materials for rail vehicles as well as highly resistant folding bellow materials for airport boarding bridges.

Features & benefits

As material

  • 2-ply fabric; special strength
  • Long-life quality
  • Multicolored
  • Own coating
  • All material components from one source

As concertina wall

  • Bonded and clamped
  • Complete processing with specially designed profiles and frames
  • High-grade workmanship
  • Generous ground clearance

The concertina wall consists of a strong two-layer fabric that is particularly tear-resistant. The fabric is rubber-coated to protect it from environmental influences – like ultraviolet rays, salt, petrol, oil and even crushed stone.

The material functions in a way best suited to withstanding the special stressing to which the complete concertina wall is permanently subjected and which make an optimum match and high-grade processing of the concertina wall/turntable combination necessary.

The newly designed underbody aprons - with generous ground clearance - prevents the penetration of impurities and splash water. The special track groove cover (inner bellows) shields the power lines and thus ensures absolute safety.

The overall package also contains the requisite suspension profile to guarantee a secure attachment to the vehicle body and to the central frame link to the turntable.